Monday, January 28, 2013

Howdy Everyone!

Mr. Petty suggested starting a blog where we can all continue discussion of the seminar topics beyond seminar itself. Everyone always has their own perspective on the seminar topic and with limited time we often don't get around to everyone's questions and remarks. This blog can serve as an avenue to further discuss and relate the topics at hand.

So far we have had General Van Alstyne's presentation [1-17-2013] on Transformational Leadership and Mr. Bermudez's presentation [1-24-2013] on Global Economics and Market Implications.

Some points that interested me from General Van Alstyne's presentation were:

1. His emphasis on the situation rather than the leader. 

2. Be patient and speak at the right time. Know what point you want to make and realize that sometimes it is better to not make those points.

3. Leaders use framework.

All in all, I believe that Transformational Leadership is a two-way road between the leader and followers that cannot be learned overnight, but it is an ability we can learn to develop and identify. What are your guy's personal takes on leadership?


Mr. Bermudez's discussion of the global economy and how interwoven and dependent everyone is on everyone else definitely opened my eyes to what could possibly happen if one these powerhouses were to collapse. Also what are your thoughts on the fact that the US has become so dependent on other countries that it is literally impossible for it to become completely independent?

The three points that Mr. Bermudez left for us were:

1. We need to understand the world. We cannot ignore the world and unless we understand it, we will fail.

2. Be willing to lead and take hard decisions.

3. Always act with integrity.

What are your guy's thoughts and questions on these seminar topics?