Wednesday, March 13, 2013

World Food Supply PT. II-


In addition to the World Food Security lecture, I wanted to include additional resources I've found helpful for understanding agriculture across the globe.

-short video by the University of Minnesota's Institute on the Environment illustrates the challenges the globe faces in food security

-Indian farmers are breaking records in rice yields without the help of conventional ag technologies

-how Belo Horizonte, Brazil came together as a city and a community to implement market reforms that allowed them to end hunger

-a 9 minute documentary filmed for the French Bon app├ętit exhibition is aimed at educating children about how to feed the world

-Over 130 countries consider insects an integral part of their diet. 

Silicon Valley tech company brings robotics to farming

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  1. The Beyond Meat article is really intriguing. Now that it's possible to "grow" meat in labs I wonder how people will react if it possibly starts becoming common in local supermarkets. Will it have the same reaction as genetically engineered foods, or harbor an even more intense reaction because of it's man-made nature.